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What is COPD?
COPD is a common lung disease that blocks the airways, making breathing difficult. You can read about what it is like to live with COPD here.

COPD stands for “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” 
- Chronic (long term - it won’t go away) 
- Obstructive (partly blocked airways) 
- Pulmonary (the lungs) 
- Disease (sickness) 

The term COPD is an umbrella term for several breathing problems. It can include conditions such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Common symptoms can include coughing, increased phlegm and breathlessness, especially with exercise.

For those suffering from COPD a Self-Management Plan is recommended and contains:
-  What to do if your condition is deteriorating, 
-  Inhaler information,
-  Emergency information, 
-  Other important tips for keeping well.

If you would like support or you do not have a Management Plan please contact us here or call us on 06 835 0018 or 0800 ASTHMA (278 462)    How is your COPD? Take the COPD Assessment Test (CAT) 
Click above to take the COPD Assessment Test and see how your condition management is.

Asthma Control Test
Follow the link to take the Asthma Control Test today.

COPD Breathe Easy Support Group 
Breathe Hawke’s Bay facilitates support groups held the last Wednesday of every month (except January) alternating between Hastings and Napier. There is also a group in Central Hawke’s Bay that meets 2nd Tuesday of the month.   
These informal get-togethers are for those suffering from COPD, or any respiratory condition and their carers. Each meeting features a guest speaker who presents on relative topics. 
Contact us on 06 835 0018 or 0800 ASTHMA (278 462) for more information.

Don’t Forget to Breathe - COPD Resource

Written by a New Zealand based team of a nurse, a physio, a patient and a carer, this resource pulls together practical information about managing and living with COPD. In its second edition the book is available as a free download and can be purchased for kindle/e-reader too. The book can be downloaded for free from 

Reader comments 
“I found it very thorough and informative. Would have been handy if given to me by Respiratory Dr. at beginning of treatment to understand the disease etc. I have down loaded it but not printed it off yet as too many pages although I'm eventually planning to print it.” 
“It's a great book.” 
“It is an amazing resource for patients and Health care professionals alike. The fact that it is freely available is amazing and a credit to the authors.” 
“I have recommended this book to many of my patients. Nowhere else can you obtain such detailed information on COPD within one resource.” 
“The depth of information is fantastic yet easy to read and visually appealing.” 

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